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keith63 -> Chemkid Map install (2/13/2019 12:11:06 AM)

Hi all, was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to post directions for installing the chemkid maps.


Trugrit -> RE: Chemkid Map install (2/13/2019 1:46:28 AM)

Go to the game folder.

In Windows 10 it is easy to get to the game folder.
Right click on the desktop shortcut and under the drop down menu click on ďopen file locationĒ.
If you are running the Beta it will go to the Beta folder. Up one level is the main game folder.

Go there and find the art folder. The map tiles are in there. View as icons and you will see them.

I have a large hard drive so I make a copy of the entire art folder (about 800 MB) as a backup and save it somewhere. I recommend you do the same.

Then take the chemkid map tiles and drop them in the original art file and they will overwrite the original files and you are done.

Chemkid maps come in two varieties. A set for the stock map and a set for the extended map.
Make sure to get the one you want. In your case likely the stock map.

I recommend backing up the entire art file because you may want to get into a serious art collection
in the future and are going to want some more graphic art like this:

Phoenix100 -> RE: Chemkid Map install (2/13/2019 7:32:58 AM)

The read-me instructions in the chemkid map package (which I got from a very very helpful discord link) suggest a slightly more complicated procedure. They say you must first choose a chemkid 'extended' map type (there were four variants, I think) and overwrite your stock game files with that, then - and ONLY if you want the chemkid 'stock' and not extended version - overwrite the extended files you've just installed with your chosen chemkid 'stock' map files. Which is what I did, and it works fine, though I've no idea of the mechanics of it or why you would need to do this.

But in any event, the download should come with the install instructions, which are very clear.

Trugrit -> RE: Chemkid Map install (2/13/2019 11:34:44 AM)

You donít need to do that. There is no magic to the standard tiles.
The trick is knowing what you are doing with the maps and data files. No easy task.

R&R, border upgrades, sunny day, cloudy day etc.
He even did tiles for the AAP system.

Chemkid was a very, very talented guy.

He did a lot of things that were not just maps. Icons, GUIís, re-shades of the backgrounds.
Flags on the bottom bars etc. I think he did some splash screens as well.

I donít like his GUIís and I donít use them but I donít deny his talent. He was and is very good.

Iíve renamed a set so that when I play a PBEM game I can play without hexes and my opponent can play with hexes.

I wonder what happened to him? Is he in witness protection? Maybe off the grid.

They say there are a lot of people living in the shadows.
Iíve been trying to find a path to the shadows for years and canít do it.

I will raise a glass to chemkid.
I like to think of him on a tropical island surrounded by Victoriaís Secret models.
They whisper in his ear: ďHey baby, show me that cloudy day map againĒ


cgoddard -> RE: Chemkid Map install (7/5/2019 8:14:38 AM)

Come to this a bit late. Want to try a scenario that uses the Extended Map. Still not clear from above which set is the Extended map? Can anyone clarify for me?

Also when experimenting dropping a set into ART the originals still come up in game. They seem to be labelled slightly differently to replacements so I have obviously got something wrong here


Trugrit -> RE: Chemkid Map install (7/5/2019 11:58:08 AM)

Open the art file and set the view as icons. Many of chemkids zip files are labeled some are not.

The best way to tell if a map set is extended or stock is to look at the tile in the upper left corner.

That tile would be named either WPEN00.bmp or WPEH00.bmp.
(The N means no hexes, the H means hexes)

Each map set has its own data set so you need to have the right one.


cgoddard -> RE: Chemkid Map install (7/5/2019 12:22:54 PM)

OK Thanks. Following that I see that some sets do not have revised bmps for every file meaning a mix of old and new which looks a bit odd. (e,g WEPN11 has no amended version in TMP Hexless Borders Upgrade X which I assume is for the Extended Map withoput Hex Borders. Your picture seems to show a complete set which none of the many sets I have do not except for ToPoMap. So I have copied that in and it looks ok so I hope i have got it right. Wonder if there will ever be a WITP2

Mandai -> RE: Chemkid Map install (7/29/2019 4:58:40 AM)

I downloaded ChemKid Maps via DOCUP's dropbox file.

However, there are only 14 map files instead of 41 map files.

I overwrite the stock map files and now the game map has a mixture of chemkid and stock map files. [&:]

Does anyone has the complete set of 41 map files from ChemKid?

Korvar -> RE: Chemkid Map install (7/29/2019 6:53:13 AM)

Which of the Chemkid maps are you trying to use? I just checked DOCUP's file and the few map sets I looked at seemed to contain all the map files. Perhaps you didn't extract/copy all of the files, or somehow your download was corrupted?

Here's the link if you need to re-download: DOCUP Dropbox file

Mandai -> RE: Chemkid Map install (7/29/2019 2:10:03 PM)


Thank you for the response.

I am trying to use ChemKid Stock Map with Hex - TMP Hex Borders Upgrade (S)

I have download the files from the drop box provided and attached the folder.

The files in the Art Folders are:


As seen, only 14 files. The game uses 41 files, so when replaced with only files, I got a game map with a mixture of ChemKid and old WITP AE maps...

Unfortunately TMP Hex Borders Upgrade (S).zip is too large for me to attach for reference.

The other folders for dot, without hex, R&R etc also have only 14 files with the same numbering....
So that is not the problem.

btd64 -> RE: Chemkid Map install (7/29/2019 2:24:10 PM)

The borders is just the map panels with borders. You need the full map set....GP

Korvar -> RE: Chemkid Map install (7/29/2019 2:41:32 PM)

GP is correct, that particular map set is unfortunately missing from DOCUP's Dropbox. All you have are the upgrade files.

jagsdomain -> RE: Chemkid Map install (8/20/2019 1:58:24 AM)

Did you make Seabee?
If you first thank you.
Question. When I go full screen it runs super slow. I got it to be almost full screen and run a lot better.
My switches are "C:\Matrix Games\War in the Pacific Admiral's Edition\War in the Pacific Admiral Edition.exe" -px 1920 -py 1130 -deepColor -altFont -skipVideo-archive

davidjruss -> RE: Chemkid Map install (9/30/2019 8:12:06 AM)


Where would one get a complete map set from if this repository only contains upgrades ? Is it even possible now to obtain a complete map set - I would love to try the Extended map set.

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