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RogerJNeilson -> Learning this game (2/10/2019 10:12:02 AM)

I don't mean the mechanics as I have some other AGEOD ones so I know most of the controls. I mean learning what to do. I open the Italian Campaign, I select Grand Alliance and I get Eugene to move around with his army, I wallop the initial enemy force and keep bashing it up and it keeps just jumping to another location and slipping past me so I have to chase it again and then there are all manner of small forces appearing all over the place to annoy and disrupt.....

I badly need an AAR to look at to get a grip on what I am supposed to be trying to do..... but looking here and on the Slitherine forum the game seems dead in the water. Is anyone doing anything with it?


RogerJNeilson -> RE: Learning this game (2/11/2019 8:24:31 PM)

This forum feels like a long deserted old building, a large space with echoing nothingness.



mmccot -> RE: Learning this game (2/11/2019 10:59:50 PM)

I know what you mean about empty, I was waiting for a reply too.
There is a AGEOD forum, if you can sign in.
Forget about that Italian campaign and go with the Swedish
War to start then the Succession War.
The Idea is to capture and hold strategic locations.

By the way do know anything about Scripts, the last page on the
options menu?

Have fun.

Alan Sharif -> RE: Learning this game (2/12/2019 7:08:54 AM)

I have the same problem with some AGEOD games. I know HOW to do stuff. WHAT to do is often more difficult.

RogerJNeilson -> RE: Learning this game (2/12/2019 10:01:07 AM)

Thank you, its is slightly more used... no I have no idea about scripts sorry.

Perhaps I should have checked the forums first to see if the game was actually being played by anyone before buying it......


Marcusgbg -> RE: Learning this game (2/13/2019 4:31:28 AM)

Split your army and try to create a front. The theatre is so small that it is enough to have two or three other stacks. Once you have military control over an area you can advance, as the opponent can not retreat into such an area.

You will not be able to gain military control over the duchies to the south, but it is enough to have a corps there, and a defeated stack will choose another area to retreat to: usually closer and closer to Torino.

RogerJNeilson -> RE: Learning this game (2/13/2019 11:36:47 AM)

Thank you very much indeed, that is so helpful.


RogerJNeilson -> RE: Learning this game (2/13/2019 12:58:20 PM)

Thank you, exactly the sort of information I needed.


Searry -> RE: Learning this game (2/13/2019 3:33:20 PM)

My strategy guide for the Grand Alliance. It goes over some basic stuff.

RogerJNeilson -> RE: Learning this game (2/14/2019 5:17:36 AM)

Thank you I had seen that on the AGEOD forum

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