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rhinobones -> v4v ICONs (2/7/2019 4:00:35 AM)

As an older player I’ve always been partial to unit icons which follow the v4v series. I identify these icons with wars up to the late 1960s, no later than Nam. So, I like to see anti-aircraft icons as “A” and anti-tank units as “V”. For more modern NATO/21st century scenarios the standard TOAW unit icons are appropriate.

Shown below are some custom icons I have made. The major changes are:

- AA units are shown as “A”
- AT unit now have the “V”
- Supply units now have a half-colored center as opposed to the solid circular center
- The center for artillery units has been rounded out for better visual effect
- Heavy artillery has been changed from a rectangle to a larger circle with a bar on the left side (bar much like heavy infantry, tank, etc)

Please send a note if you see any icons I neglected to change or changed incorrectly.

Regards, RhinoBones


rhinobones -> RE: v4v ICONs (2/7/2019 4:04:49 AM)


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