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bubb_tubbs -> Troop Generals and Load Troops action (2/6/2019 6:38:03 PM)

Admittedly, I'm relatively new to the DWU scene so perhaps this has a setting I'm not aware of, or has been previously discussed, but is there a way to have the transport ships or troop-carrying warships to automatically retrieve a Troop General after a ground combat action has concluded, without manually going into characters and reassigning them?

If not, this seems like a QOL upgrade we should be looking into for DW2, because it's damn tedious if you do a lot of ground actions in various theatres like I do and then have to worry about every single troop general being reassigned to their particular fleets.

I'd think a simple system similar to garrisoning would suffice to make it more manageable: any General that's not assigned as a garrisoned commander is picked up by the fleet loading troops at that location.


Retreat1970 -> RE: Troop Generals and Load Troops action (2/7/2019 11:02:07 PM)

Not that I know of.

TanC -> RE: Troop Generals and Load Troops action (2/11/2019 11:51:53 AM)

Been struggling with this as well myself, with no luck of a solution. Any implementation of the garrison system that you propose or even just "locking" the general to a ship would just make it good enough for me.

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