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ctcharger -> Staff Artillery (2/3/2019 7:51:48 PM)

When playing PBEM, which setting would you use for realism? A tactic I have seen used against me I believe is to dedicate an artillery unit to a recon unit and then blast people you see like right now. If that is realistic that's cool but if it is not, should I disable the staff artillery?

CapnDarwin -> RE: Staff Artillery (2/4/2019 12:24:56 PM)

Direct support dedicates the artillery tubes to respond immediately (a minute or so) to called in targets from the attached unit. The downside is those tubes are not available to other units. If the attached unit can't see the targets it can't do accurate fires. If the attached unit is destroyed, there is a delay while the artillery is reallocated to general use. A more refined and improved model is being worked on in Southern Storm.

KungPao -> RE: Staff Artillery (2/4/2019 4:03:23 PM)

From what I know, you got to keep FSCC control on to have your direct support work

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