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rhinobones -> Opart 4-Slow (2/3/2019 4:46:06 AM)

Finally broke down and purchased TOAW IV and of course have had a few problems getting it to work.

First of all my download had two TOAW application files: Opart 4 and Opart 4-Slow.

On my laptop Opart 4 is pure s__t. With a bunch of tweaking Opart 4-Slow plays pretty good.

From the developer perspective, what’s the difference between the two applications? Also, if I build a scenario using Opart 4-Slow will it play for others using Opart 4?

Regards, RhinoBones

larryfulkerson -> RE: Opart 4-Slow (2/3/2019 1:37:52 PM)

Hey there Rhino dude....my understanding is that the "slow" application is the one used on older operating systems including Windows XP but I could be wrong. Maybe it's compiled using near-deprecated functions so that it'll run on just about anything. And yeah, whatever SCE file you produce using the "slow" version will surely work on the "fast" application without a problem.

rhinobones -> RE: Opart 4-Slow (2/3/2019 8:01:09 PM)

Appreciate the reply.


mdanz -> RE: Opart 4-Slow (2/6/2019 8:20:51 PM)

whats a "near-depricated function"?
Is that a real thing?

never mind, I looked it up.
It actually is.

larryfulkerson -> RE: Opart 4-Slow (2/7/2019 1:51:41 PM)



whats a "near-depricated function"?
Is that a real thing?

never mind, I looked it up.
It actually is.

As software evolves there are functions that get replaced by better ones and the old one is deprecated and shouldn't be used because they aren't supported any longer. The world is moving on and software has to keep up. I've heard that WIN10 is having problems because it's so new and not all the bugs are worked out yet. So I'm staying with WIN7 myself. What are you running?

EDIT: My WIN7 machine crashed so I bought a new one and it's got WIN10 on it.

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