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panzers -> starting a game (2/3/2019 3:40:21 AM)

new to the game. I'm trying to start a global war scenario It won't start when I click on it.
What do I need to do?

paulderynck -> RE: starting a game (2/3/2019 4:10:02 AM)

Are you clicking on "Start New Game" on the initial splash screen after launching MWiF. Game file extensions are not registered, so clicking on them won't launch anything.

juntoalmar -> RE: starting a game (2/3/2019 8:29:09 AM)

If it's your first time (as I assume it is) it's better if you restore a quick start Global War:
- Launch MWiF
- Click "Restore a Saved Game" button
- Select "Full map scenearios/Global war" radio button
- Select "Fast Start Global War.GAM"
- Click "Restore Game" button

panzers -> RE: starting a game (2/3/2019 1:32:41 PM)

Ok, thanks guys

Orm -> RE: starting a game (2/3/2019 1:40:47 PM)

Maybe the World in Flames Tutorials can help? Chapter one take up the basics with starting the game, and saving, and so on. The other take up playing the game.

Edit: All twelve are worth watching. Even if you know the basics.

World in Flames Tutorial - Chapter 1

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