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lion_of_judah -> World at War scenario- (2/2/2019 12:58:05 AM)

The opening shots of a possible new World war begins in South America as Gran Columbia realizes the only way to unify S.America against Imperial America is waging war against every S.American nation. The opening shots begin with the Invasion of Argentina.


lion_of_judah -> RE: World at War scenario- (2/2/2019 12:59:40 AM)

after heavy fighting, Gran Colombian forces have captured the Argentine city of Cordoba.


lion_of_judah -> RE: World at War scenario- (2/2/2019 1:04:28 AM)

The Argentine Government was caught off guard by the invasion. Argentinian forces are desperately moving towards the front in order to try and stave off this onslaught.

Gran Columbia knows full well that if EU forces are mobilized in time, she could possible lose this war before it even gets started. Therefore, she must take the Argentine capital before substantial EU forces arrive in theater. For the EU, time is short and she really does not have any rapid response forces, and those she does have are in Africa guarding their interests there.


lion_of_judah -> RE: World at War scenario- (2/2/2019 1:05:58 AM)

casualty list so far in this conflict


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