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zuluhour -> Some of my favorite posts (1/30/2019 5:59:40 PM)


South Pacific: Nothing bad happen.

Ceyron: Nothing bad happen

China: Nothing bad happen. Actuarry, attack West of Changsha pick up speed.

zuluhour -> RE: Some of my favorite posts (5/13/2019 5:12:56 PM)

ferry funry


BillBrown -> RE: Some of my favorite posts (5/13/2019 6:31:29 PM)

I am partial to the "disregard" posts.

zuluhour -> RE: Some of my favorite posts (5/13/2019 9:35:53 PM)

Hey, there is a high light reel here, I'm sure there could be a movie if someone could keep a straight face writing a script. The world needs
a little less vanity and a little more humor. Today, being Monday, for the first two hours in my office I was besieged by angry contractors.
If they would just use the calendars I gave them they could cut out the antacid. Alas. Just a little rant. I plan on picking up a member of
community (WITP-AE that is) and taking them to a really neat part of the Aerospace museum on Wednesday. My only regret is I won't be
able to climb in the cockpits. I would love to sit in the P26. I was fortunate enough back in the eighties to meet an old guy at a an Ihop in
Baltimore. We struck up a conversation and before we knew it we were speaking of things past and before long we are talking about the
"Good War", the book, by Studz I think. Anyways he starts laughing and I can't figure out why, kind of thought he was losing it as it was
more of cackle to me. Find out he's looking at a lady (rather large) speaking to another (likewise) and slowly pouring her beverage over
the broad expanse of this women's dress, oblivious to the rather large stain she was creating. Long story short, he was a curator at the Smithsonian
and I got the shed tour that summer; I sat in an Me262 and an Arado. Very cool. ps. We wrote letters to stay in touch. He's gone now, but I will
not forget him.

LeeChard -> RE: Some of my favorite posts (5/14/2019 9:59:26 AM)

I would like to sit in an F2H Banshee, my dads office during the Korean war.

Yaab -> RE: Some of my favorite posts (5/14/2019 11:39:56 AM)


(by Alfred).

jmscho -> RE: Some of my favorite posts (5/14/2019 11:50:47 AM)

My dog has several favourite posts.

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