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Excroat3 -> [FIXED] Planes will not unassign (v1.14 B998.17) (1/30/2019 3:21:44 AM)

See the attached save, and look at Flight 1635 (flight of 3 F/A-18s who have just fired their missiles). Despite several "unassign" orders and a few more to drop all targets, the F/A-18s continue towards the SAM site and say that they are Engaged Offensive. I've looked through both the unit and side doctrine and can't find anything that may be causing the issue. Please take a look. Thanks!

doabliptnk -> RE: Planes will not unassign (v1.14 B998.17) (1/30/2019 5:39:53 PM)

Is your case similar to?

Excroat3 -> RE: Planes will not unassign (v1.14 B998.17) (1/30/2019 6:56:59 PM)

Yes, with the additional bug of those same aircraft RTBing after their missiles have been fired, even if those missiles require mid-course guidance. I believe this was a bug that was resolved shortly after the update that added mid course guidance for missiles like the AMRAAM and R-77, but has made a reappearance. Maybe it's simply connected to the bug demonstrated in the 2 threads you linked.

Dimitris -> RE: Planes will not unassign (v1.14 B998.17) (2/7/2019 3:48:38 PM)

Tested this now, with the BVR guidance fix in place, and the planes were controllable as expected. Probably fixed.

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