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Julzjuice -> Question for experienced modders - Need help (1/25/2019 2:00:06 PM)

Hey guys!

I'm looking to mod my game with a very unusual feature:

Assigning global sprite sizes and construction sizes for all the classes present in the game for the AI and the player. Would that even be possible?

Example of what I mean:


Sprite size of a fixed 0.5 normal size.
Construction size of a fixed 0.5 x max of your current researched construction size.

This would apply to everyone. Basically, I just want my game to have more defined ship classes. Is that even modable? Im already using the Bacon Mod and RU II Extended.

Please tell me theres a way! Even if its just the sprite size for different ship classes it would make my day.

Thanks in advance! [:D]

rjord1 -> Question for experienced modders - Need help (1/26/2019 4:33:59 AM)

For all my mods I increase the size of the ship sprite for each type of ship.

eg. To increase the size of the exploration ship I add the following line to the
end of explorationship.txt in the designTemplates folder.

ImageScaling ;Absolute 120

So a larger number is a bigger sprite.

And if you dont want the explorstion ship to be called that you can change the name in GameText.txt....but never change anything to the left of the ; or the mod will possibly break.

Hope this helps

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