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MikeJ19 -> Issues with air planning (1/21/2019 8:00:45 PM)

I'm having a couple of issues with the air planning - which has lead me to thinking more about when and how things are decided in the air war.

1. If I have assigned air missions in my turn are they used at the beginning of the next turn to decide AS and Int numbers?

2. In my current game, the air assistant is constantly resting all my air units. Is this because many of their readiness levels are in the 30s?

I have run a bunch of searches in the manual, but have likely missed something... Any help will be appreciated.



gliz2 -> RE: Issues with air planning (1/23/2019 1:51:11 PM)

I always TURN OFF the Air Assistant. I cannot understand his choices and also it interferes with my plans constantly.

Based on my FITE2 experience: the air missions will be used/executed in the turn they were set.

MikeJ19 -> RE: Issues with air planning (1/23/2019 10:38:03 PM)


Thanks for the response. I've decided to stop using the air assistant, too. Hopefully this will help me get better at the air war.

I understand your comment on the air missions. But if I'm going second in a turn, does the game use my last air settings to set up the conditions - Int and AS for the next turn?

Have a good day,

gliz2 -> RE: Issues with air planning (1/24/2019 11:27:08 AM)


if I understand right you're asking whether the set up for air units will remain for the following turn(s)? Then the answer is yes it will.
You set a fighter unit set to "air superiority" it will keep it until you change it or it will get into reorganization/unfit status or when you relocate it.

larryfulkerson -> RE: Issues with air planning (1/24/2019 9:17:43 PM)

I've been known to turn on the Air Assistant just to get a rough idea where the airfield strikes should go and to get an idea of what Elmer considers important enough to strike it. Elmer does some really stupid stuff sometimes, like assigning your bombers to AS so you'll have to go through each of the missions to decide if you concur with Elmer or if the strike needs to be shifted to a different target. Other than that I usually play with it permantely off.

MikeJ19 -> RE: Issues with air planning (1/24/2019 10:34:45 PM)

Larry and Gliz2,

Thanks for the input. I've turned off the air assistant and will be plotting the air war myself. This takes a little longer, but is likely a better option.

Have a good day

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