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Hetulik -> D21 game options question (1/19/2019 3:55:02 AM)

Hi all,
I am looking forward to trying out the D21 scenario. In looking at the documentation there was some ambiguity on some of the advanced game options I should use.

It clearly says I should have on the "new supply rules", and turn off the "new mud and snow rules".

But should "high supply" be on or off?

Also what should "variable initiative" and "new density rules" be set to?

Thank you and regards,

sPzAbt653 -> RE: D21 game options question (1/19/2019 4:32:09 AM)

high supply = OFF [this is something from the steam engine days and now that we have petrol it really isn't needed [;)] ]

new density rules = OFF [this is a new rule and hasn't been playtested yet but there isn't any reason to use it as far as I can tell]

variable initiative - This is also a new rule and hasn't been playtested in D21 yet, but it has always been an issue in D21 so I would like to see the scenario played with Variable Initiative = OFF. This should keep the Axis as the first player each turn instead of constantly switching between Axis and Soviet.

Hetulik -> RE: D21 game options question (1/19/2019 4:10:19 PM)



I greatly appreciate your quick reply to my question sPzAbt653.

With regards,

Hetulik -> RE: D21 game options question (1/25/2019 4:49:30 PM)

One follow up question.

When i started my D21 scenario i unknowningly had selected high supply ON, variable initiative/new density rules to ON as well. I changed the options in the Play>Game Options menu before i executed turn 1 in game to be the correct settings of OFF.

Should this work to update the settings (as i am still seeing supply values at 45)? Or is it recommended i restart?

Thank you,

sPzAbt653 -> RE: D21 game options question (1/25/2019 7:23:39 PM)

Those Options will take effect the turn after changing them. High Supply was never included in the on-map numbers so you won't notice any difference in Supply Values.

Hetulik -> RE: D21 game options question (1/25/2019 7:49:19 PM)

Much appreciation again sPzAbt653.

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