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gpotter511 -> Damage Control (1/17/2019 5:58:48 PM)

All -

I wonder if folks have any insight into the intricacies of how damage control works in CMANO?

I've found ships with flooding or fire rarely ever extinguish the flames/seal the breaches. The DC meter continues to climb, slowly but surely.

Is it mandatory to send a ship in these states back to base to recover? Is the ability to fight fires and flooding a function of proficiency rating? Other tips?

Thanks much!

Whicker -> RE: Damage Control (1/17/2019 7:16:38 PM)

I think I read in a semi recent post that proficiency does matter for repairs.

If there is major damage i think you are screwed and it frequently gets worse rather than better. I think light damage is where you are most likely to see a repair.

How much time are you allowing to see a change? I would expect it to take several hours if not days.

gpotter511 -> RE: Damage Control (1/17/2019 7:40:26 PM)

That makes sense.

I've generally allowed a few hours or longer - I've tested this off and on over the last few months. What you're saying certainly comports with what I've observed.

Back to the barn it is. Thanks!

doabliptnk -> RE: Damage Control (1/18/2019 8:02:15 AM)

I have another question. Does going slower/stopping your ship help with damage control?
For example, if a ship had minor flooding, I would assume that stopping the ship would be better for the crews to perform damage control than going at flank speed and risk water rushing in all the compartments.

Gunner98 -> RE: Damage Control (1/18/2019 9:36:32 AM)

Not sure on speed but I think it makes a difference - as you say it should. Proficiency certainly makes a big difference as well.

It seems that the number of hits on the ship is a factor. If you hit it with one missile it is more likely to repair the damage than if you hit it with two that result in about the same damage.

Damage control is a bit of a mystery, and has a lot of dice roles so luck plays a big part.


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