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sIg3b -> First Impressions (1/13/2019 6:57:19 PM)

Not as deep as Hannibal RvC, but comes with 6 scenarios and a really beautiful map; at the Christmas Sale price of €10.- itīs definitely worth it.

Playing my first game 1805 on General difficulty: AI appears competent, but the scenario itself seems too easy for the French.
Even though I made at least 3 big strategic mistakes and played my first 6 battles wrong, I am still ahead; the game is simply too forgiving.
I hope Emperor difficulty will be more of a challenge.

sIg3b -> RE: First Impressions (1/14/2019 5:23:15 PM)

Still at the same game. I am rather impressed by the AI cardplay and battle tactics. Still think the French are too strong.
If it were not for the near invincible Royal Navy and the late game threat of the nuclear option (Grand Alliance) Iīd say the French are hopelessly OP.

sIg3b -> RE: First Impressions (1/15/2019 9:45:56 PM)

Finished my 1st game. It went over the whole distance to 1815 and the Napoleonic Wars never ended. [:)]

The AI succeeded at reducing my advantage from over 100pts to less than 40, still a Substantial French Victory.

Overall I rate the game 4/5. Many positives, only one negative really.

The Good:

+Well thought-out scoring system.
+Solid AI.
+Very nice aesthetics.
+Flow of events is mostly plausible.
+Has the "One more turn!" feeling.
+Luck factor in battles and diplomacy is just right.
+Cards add some unpredictability.

The Bad:

-Only 3 difficulty levels, of which Medium (General) is too easy to win. Canīt comment on the highest difficulty yet.

Alan Sharif -> RE: First Impressions (1/16/2019 7:56:07 AM)

I think it's a great little game, and am looking forward to the US Civil War version, which we may see this year.

sIg3b -> RE: First Impressions (1/17/2019 2:20:45 PM)

I think itīs a great beginnerīs game. The problem is it doesnīt sustain the challenge once you get the hang of it.

KorutZelva -> RE: First Impressions (5/10/2019 1:13:57 PM)

The latter scenarios at Emperor is where its at. At the earlier scenario England doesn't play its cards right. It should try to get political point with zero with a bunch of prospective allies before trying calling them into wars, else you can just easily defeat them one at a time.

GaretBale -> RE: First Impressions (8/22/2019 4:46:10 PM)

Personally I didn't like it. At some point it was too easy.

driver -> RE: First Impressions (1/17/2020 5:20:40 PM)

The one major complaint I have is that the Navy aspect is completely useless. The British Navy is so superior it is a waste of time to try and build up a French fleet. I am not sure there is a great reply value as the same basic strategy is required to win each scenario. Having said that, when on sale, it is a fun little game if one ignores it is not really that historical.

AndySfromVA -> RE: First Impressions (4/1/2020 3:55:54 AM)

The Civil War version has just been released on Steam. I'm considering it, though it might be too simplistic. But I'll probably go for it eventually.

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