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firestorm22000 -> SOW American Revolutionary War (1/8/2019 10:05:02 PM)

Has someone done a mod for this? Battles etc
It would be great to see a complete SOW campaign for the Revolution

RebBugler -> RE: SOW American Revolutionary War (1/9/2019 6:35:10 AM)

There is a mod for the Gettysburg game if you're interested...

Edit: Finally got around to downloading and checking out this mod...However, lots of issues that causes it to crash as well as just not functioning properly...Log file is full of errors.
Really nice unit sprites with lots of potential, but until the author, or someone else, get around to cleaning it up I can't recommend it.

Edit2: I switched to the Long Island OOB and it did function better and didn't crash during my short test time. Still, the log file was full of errors after I ended the battle so I rate it as unstable, albeit playable.

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