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larryfulkerson -> BAOR 1990 Matt NATO, larry WP (1/8/2019 11:07:59 AM)

Matt and I decided that the counters of the Lion de Mer scenario was confusing because of the color scheme used on the counters so we decided to play "BOAR 1990" and I'm the WP player so I'm going to stick to the roads and rails and send the recon units out to see where the NATO units are..


larryfulkerson -> RE: BAOR 1990 Matt NATO, larry WP (1/8/2019 8:32:20 PM)

During the NATO turn what looks like a handful of British vehicles entered the map where I did last turn. They must have been following me. Now I have to deal with them or they will cut my supply lines. Matt has reinforcements entering from the extreme left and from the south edge. It's too late to set up a roadblock...they are arrived already. I need some recon out there to find out where they are.


larryfulkerson -> RE: BAOR 1990 Matt NATO, larry WP (1/8/2019 9:46:44 PM)

Matt and I have discovered to our horror that this scenario has
no fixed wing assets for either side. The WP has ONE attack
helicopter and that's impossible. They have thousands of them
and it's Soviet tactics to use them when possible. Not in the
face of superior NATO air forces of course.

So Matt and I are going to move to something else. Again.

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