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jmscho -> Opponent Wanted (CLOSED) (1/3/2019 9:00:55 PM)

A number of years ago I played WitP. Never got into 1944 for a number of reasons. I've never played WitP AE but since retiring I've spent a several weeks familiarising myself - playing against AI, reading AARs, reading forum posts, investigating Japanese Industry. I want to get back into the game to fill some of my time.

I'm now looking for an opponent to play a grand scenario. I have no preference for which side I play. Although I'd prefer something more historic, I could be persuaded into something else.

Potential opponents, please let me know your preferences - scenario, settings etc.


XENXEN -> RE: Opponent Wanted (1/3/2019 9:52:47 PM)

I can play a game. My last was as jap so would prefer allied. can do the grand campaign seneario 1 or 2 is fine. can play historic like!!! (nor sure what you mean (no dragons or is it no USA mainland invasion turn 1 :))

jmscho -> RE: Opponent Wanted (1/4/2019 6:06:31 AM)

Historic meant the initial setting of historic ON. After that anything goes. But as I said I'm open to other suggestions.
I'm happy to play Japan.

I'll PM you later this morning.

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