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canuckgamer -> Compatibility (1/2/2019 7:20:07 PM)

I bought SOW Gettysburg from NorbSoft years ago and have it installed on a computer running Windows 7. I bought a new computer running Windows 10 a couple of weeks ago and am thinking of buying Antietam and then installing Gettysburg and Antietam on my new computer. If I understand correctly, if I installed it on my new computer I would have to run Gettysburg and Antietam in Windows 7 compatibility mode. Gettysburg works fine on my Windows 7 computer so it appears there would be less hassle if I just installed Antietam on that computer rather than moving both to my new one. Thanks.

zakblood -> RE: Compatibility (1/2/2019 7:35:51 PM)

here my results on a clean install of windows 10

it's your call on which you use it on, my opinion is if the hardware is better on the newest pc, then use that, as more upto drivers and a better and faster O/S with quicker hardware will make the game run smoother than on a older pc. the changes needed to do, are minor and so far 99% of all games work in windows 10, which while i'm maybe biased etc, is so far the best and most supported gaming platform ever made by Microsoft

canuckgamer -> RE: Compatibility (1/2/2019 7:47:45 PM)

Thank you for the prompt reply. Gettysburg runs fine on my Win 7 pc. After looking at the link you provided, the easiest method for me seems to be installing Antietam on my Win 7 pc.

canuckgamer -> RE: Compatibility (1/2/2019 7:51:22 PM)

Sorry, one more question. Down the road I could if I wanted, uninstall Gettysburg and Antietam from my Win 7 pc and install it on my Win 10 pc. Would I have uninstall it first or could I wait until after I have it installed on my Win 10 pc?

zakblood -> RE: Compatibility (1/3/2019 5:30:39 AM)

there is no issue with doing the later

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