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ssiviour -> Neautality Pacts (12/31/2018 4:28:23 AM)

I was just reading through the Players Manual, looking for something else, when I came across 7.7.4 Creation and Renewal of Neautrality Pacts which referred onto with a decription of the forms used to manages the pacts.

It basically suggests that something like a Japanese/ Russian Pact can be created at any time during a sub phase of the DOW Phase and manged by mechanics within the game. Thus managed formerly within a game, and enforceable by the game, not by some house rule.

It refers to Rules as Coded but I am guessing these are actually yet to be coded for any powers other than Germany and Russia. Is this correct?

paulderynck -> RE: Neautality Pacts (12/31/2018 4:34:14 AM)

Yes, correct. Many would like to see it for JP-USSR, but in the original rules you could agree on a Pact with any Power and set conditions almost without limit. That part is not programmable because there are just too many possibilities. Mind you, the pact chits could perhaps be programmed to work between any powers, but even that would be a significant alteration to the code.

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