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IBender -> Invasion from SCS question (12/30/2018 3:34:45 AM)

Playing Global with all optional rules.

I often / usually move division around with cruiser units. Which is great. My question is this. Am I correct that I can us SCS (cruisers) to conduct naval invasions? I have never tried it. I think the rules indicate that I can do this. But I am not sure about what I am reading.

1. Can my cruiser conduct a naval invasion with the division it is carrying?
2. Will it function like a normal naval invasion?
3. Are there unit types I need for this. IE currently I am often transporting a regular infantry division with my cruisers. Can those regular infantry divisions conduct this naval invasion? or would it need to be a marine division?

Thanks a bunch

paulderynck -> RE: Invasion from SCS question (12/30/2018 4:13:32 AM)

1. yes
2. yes with same restrictions FREX halving if non-marine, and shore bombardment mods for lower boxes
3. see 2

Div invasions are quite useful if from the 3 (in good weather) or 4 box in a surprise impulse against minor country non-city hexes or anytime against ungarrisoned OoS islands. Otherwise they are a death trap.

Courtenay -> RE: Invasion from SCS question (12/30/2018 4:44:24 AM)

However, SCS invasions are always useful to add an additional unit to an invasion where you are already attacking with one or two corps -- it gives you a unit to take losses with, if nothing else.

ssiviour -> RE: Invasion from SCS question (12/30/2018 8:18:52 AM)

If you are playing with all optional rules then you will also be using the Unlimited Breakdown Optional which makes SCS invasions amazingly powerful for events like the Japanese DOW on the Allied Powers, or Allies DOW Vichy or Portugal, but, in my opinion, including because of this, is unbalanced ....

IBender -> RE: Invasion from SCS question (12/30/2018 3:15:11 PM)

Thanks guys

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