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Macclan5 -> Salutations (12/29/2018 3:03:26 PM)

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Happy New Year....

I am pleased to join this community this season.

Another time sink away from my beloved spouse and children in due measure of course [8D]

I look forward to the complexity of this game (my other truly favorite game being WITP AE)

I am through 2 tutorials as I speak.


I purchased the Matrix games version direct.

After reading a number of the Tech Support Guides -- they are all very good.

They could perhaps be updated for Windows 10. [:D]

Checking - enabling all Windows features.... check.

What really solved the "doesn't start issue" in Windows 10 seems to be amending the movie intro through the ini file.

btd64 -> RE: Salutations (12/29/2018 3:35:56 PM)

Hey there. Yes DW's is the other white meat. Compared to AE....GP

Siddham -> RE: Salutations (12/29/2018 7:09:56 PM)

There are some very good tutorials on Youtube
Look up Larry Monte and Tortuga Power

bubb_tubbs -> RE: Salutations (12/30/2018 1:14:57 AM)

Greetings from another person just joining the community.[:)]

Uncle Lumpy -> RE: Salutations (12/31/2018 3:42:17 PM)

welcome to the community. There are still a few of us around. Hope you find many happy hours playing the gamed!!

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