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boudi -> Modding the game (12/28/2018 7:47:10 AM)


I would like to change the pictures of the Carthaginian galleys.

Because a Carthaginian galley is this :


And the game gives me this :


??? What's this ? A turtle ? [:-]

i just would like to copy the roman galley picture (who is fine) to the carthaginian galley, and change the font color in black.

But i can't found the pictures in the game files. I opened some jar files but with no result.

Where are these pictures ?

Thanks !

mercenarius -> RE: Modding the game (1/1/2019 5:19:18 AM)

I am sorry, but the images for the counters/tiles are not in a place that you can access. There isn't any way for you to edit them.

I used the icons from the original board game as the design basis for the Roman and the Carthaginian warship counters. I did change the icons for the Macedonian and Syracusan naval units to make them different.

To allow for custom counters/tiles, I would need to put out a patch. To be honest, there just isn't time for that right now. I would love to do something like this, but I am very reluctant to make any promises. Even vague ones, which are useless anyway. Naturally I am sorry that you are displeased with this aspect of the game. I do want to thank you for your purchase.

boudi -> RE: Modding the game (1/1/2019 11:13:22 AM)

Thank your for your reply. Don't worry, the game is excellent. [:)]

I started an after action report here, , in french, sorry.

And happy new year !

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