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alexjack -> Decisions,decisions......... (12/27/2018 10:30:09 PM)

I've been playing computer war games for years, the Combat Mission series, Scourge of War, even Arma II and III but never anything like the games here. I'm torn between Gary Grigsby's War in the East and The Operational Art of War IV. A big part of game enjoyment for me is always the game's editor. Which do I go for gentlemen?

Titanwarrior89 -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 12:47:23 AM)

That's a hard one. I pick Art of war. Only because it offers so much in it. But if you want the best computer wargame on the eastern front, you couldn't go wrong with GG's Eastern Front.

Rosseau -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 1:31:10 AM)

I would also recommend TOAW IV. I actually enjoy modifying existing scenarios in WitE more than I do playing them. The editor is superb, right down to the ammo load. Don't think I ever read much of WitE manual, but that is because I am not a serious multiplayer person. You can jump right in. Same with the editor.

TOAW is a different story. Every time I put it down for a year, I have to re-learn it. But that is a challenge for me with a number of games. TOAW wins out mostly due to the huge number of excellent scenarios for download. But you will have to study a bit to catch on with the editor. Then it becomes easier of course. If you've mastered SoW and ARMA, you should have no problem [;)]

Twotribes -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 1:40:32 AM)

You might also want to check out Advanced Tactics Gold. Great Editor.

Alan Sharif -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 7:19:24 AM)

Ultimately, you should get both. But TOAW offers more for your scenarios/time periods, so I should start with that.

alexjack -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 9:28:10 AM)

Great! Thanks to you all for your input.I missed Advanced Tactics Gold so I'll check that one out but I'm leaning towards OAoW.

Red2112 -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 9:36:39 AM)

Combat Command The Matrix Edition also has a neat editor, and itīs cheap right now.

alexjack -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 12:29:51 PM)

Thanks for the info Red2112.

rommel222 -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 8:47:31 PM)

Greetings alexjack,
Another WW II matrixgame to consider is John Tiller's Campaign series. It covers 1939-1945 East, West & Pacific fronts and has an editor.
There are 350+ scenarios with 2-D counter style play or 3-D miniature style play:

Twotribes -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/28/2018 8:48:55 PM)

The advantage to Advanced tactics Gold is you can make any time period with the editor.

GaryChildress -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/29/2018 12:09:08 AM)


ORIGINAL: Twotribes

The advantage to Advanced tactics Gold is you can make any time period with the editor.

Agree with Twotribes. ATG is a real gem in my book. Although, the editor is a bit daunting in ways, I've still managed to have a lot of good fun with it.

GaryChildress -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/29/2018 12:13:27 AM)

Although I suspect WITE and TOAW are maybe better choices if you are looking for more "realism" and complexity in a game. But you can always purchase all three and the problem is solved. :)

alexjack -> RE: Decisions,decisions......... (12/29/2018 1:29:39 PM)

Thanks to all of you I'll probably end up buying them all!! [:D]

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