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Teufeldk -> Editor problem regarding Formation Supply (12/26/2018 9:55:24 PM)


We are having some problems with the scenario editor regarding FITE2. I have no idea if this concerns other scenarios as well.

We noticed some problems with the Formation Supply for some Russian formations (it was at 50%, where it should be at 100%) But when we tried to correct them, we ran into a few units (all Formation HQ units) where it simply was impossible to correct the issue. And I should note that these units are similar in composition to other units that do not have this problem.
These are the affected units on the Russian side:

31st Army formation Kalinin Front
28th Army Bryansk Front
5th Army SW Front
16th Mech Corps SW front (is at 50% should be 75%)
41st Corps in the 16th Army Reserve Front

So what we do is this: we go to a formation (for instance 31st Army). We change the Formation Supply from 50% to 100%, but the change simply does not happen. When we examin the Formation afterwards, the Formation Supply is still at 50 %

If we change the number of support squads in the Formation HQ to get better Formation Supply, the editor automatically changes their assigned support squads back to a fixed lower lv than its supposed to be. One can change it to look normal, but once saved, or simply by returning to the units, it will revert back to a lv that below what itís supposed to be. (Eg 100% in all cases except the 16th Mech Corps that is supposed to be 75%)

To circumvent the problem we have tried:

-Changed the number of support squads, both in the Force editor, and on map by pressing U to access the unit
-Tried to change the formation supply lv both in the Force editor, and on map by pressing U to access the unit
-Deleting the unit and taking a working HQ and apply it to the formation
-Changing the HQ symbol, (Corps to army, ect.)
-Cutting and pasting the formation.

What more is: when we make a dump of the OOB (see picture), we can see that, for instance, 31st Army looks just as is should: with a Formation Supply of 100 (but in-game it is 50%). And compared to 30th Army (that are working as it should in the game) they are identical, so we are truly puzzled as what is wrong.

It might be (in fact I hope it is) a human error on our part, but it would be nice if someone could look into this.

Another issue regarding the 28th Army (I am not sure if this is reproducible for others), but when I try to change the HQ unit from XXXX (Army) to XXX (Division) The editor CTD's right away.

Ps. I hope it is clear what our problem is, but if not we are happy to elaborate (or simplify) if needed.


Teufeldk -> RE: Editor problem regarding Formation Supply (12/26/2018 10:06:10 PM)

Just to elaborate on the OOB dump problem: here are the pics from in-game, where the 31st Army has Formation Supply of 50 % while the 30th Army has Formation Supply of 100 %.

According to the OOB dump they should both have 100%


LLv34_Snefens -> RE: Editor problem regarding Formation Supply (12/28/2018 9:08:38 PM)

The problem is the tank division in the 31st army has 20/40 support squads assigned.

Teufeldk -> RE: Editor problem regarding Formation Supply (12/29/2018 4:56:41 AM)

Thank you Snefens.

You da Man!

If corrected to 40/40 it works. Is it a problem that the underlying HQ's have support squads assigned? If the Tank Div HQ losses some of its Support Squad during a game will that affect formation supply again?

LLv34_Snefens -> RE: Editor problem regarding Formation Supply (12/29/2018 8:53:46 AM)

Whether it's a problem depends on what you try to achieve. If the HQ (or any unit in the formation) has support squads the game will look at their numbers instead of the fixed value you assign in the editor. When they change during the game so will the formation supply.
So yes the formation supply will change when either the the HQ or the Tank Div losses any of their support squads during a game. Se manual 18.10.7 for more.

I assume they were placed in the Tank Div to soak up extra support squads, giving an incentive to not keep the big Tank Divs for too long and instead disband them? You better use separate formations for them instead or remove the support squads from the tank division and put them in a seperate unit that gets disbanded by events when the tank division is destroyed.

Teufeldk -> RE: Editor problem regarding Formation Supply (12/29/2018 10:01:45 AM)

The intention is to make the Russians protect their HQ's or pay a price if they are used as front line units, so it seems to work as intended.

Thank you.

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