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sschnar1 -> Turkey Surrender (12/21/2018 5:07:35 PM)

Version: 1.00 at start of game
AI: Allies
Player: Axis

As in a previous thread 'Turkey Joins the Allies', Turkey some how joined the Allies in this game.

It is now 1944-04-07.
Germany rushed troops to Defend Bulgaria and actually started Attacking Turkey.
The offensive has taken the Turkish Capitol of 'Ankara'.

It has been German now for the last 3 turns.
The 'Ankara' shows German control, is still a Capitol, Turkey has not Surrendered.
I was expecting Turkey to Surrender or move its Capitol to either 'Trabzon' or 'Erzurum'.

Is this the way it is suppose to operate.

Thanks in advance.

sschnar1 -> RE: Turkey Surrender (12/22/2018 12:50:20 AM)

Okay, its is 1944-05-05 Axis Turn and Turkey Finally Surrendered.

It just took awhile.

BillRunacre -> RE: Turkey Surrender (12/22/2018 6:31:55 PM)

A factor in a country's surrender is the number of units it has left, the more it has, the less likely it will be to surrender.

So in the event that you take its (last) capital but the country doesn't immediately surrender, get killing off as many of its remaining units as possible.

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