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elmo3 -> Can't continue a PBEM game (12/18/2018 11:20:54 AM)

Server says I need version 1.01 of the game but there is no 1.01 version available that I can see.

Edit - Never mind. I was able to update to 1.01 even though there is no mention of it in the forums yet.

pjg100 -> RE: Can't continue a PBEM game (12/18/2018 6:36:25 PM)

what are the changes that were made with v1.01?

elmo3 -> RE: Can't continue a PBEM game (12/18/2018 6:38:16 PM)

No idea why there is nothing in the forums about the update?!




- fixed an error that allowed escorts to fly from bad weather hexes.
- fixed an error that allowed land units to amphibiously embark from any position as this should have been limited to Special Forces only.
- fixed several AI GUARD script errors and other AI optimizations.

All Campaigns
- Trigger position for the National Morale script USSR Morale Boosted From Allied Landings In France amended (Mithrilotter).
- Text removed from a Belligerence script when China surrenders, and an additional script added so Italian units could enter a surrendered China (Bryan Hawkins).
- Makassar port in the Celebes moves (Fishbreath).
- San Juan on Puerto Ricoís name corrected (dwrobel).
- Resource.txt files updated for Hunters Point, Bushehr and San Juan (PDL).

1939 World at War & 1939-45 Race to Victory
- Mobilization_2 script for when the Axis seize Kuwait corrected (Bryan Hawkins).
- Increased the per turn chance in the War Entry script for South Africa joining the Allies from 25 to 50% (Xwormwood).
- Reduced the swing for Persia and Turkey when Persia is declared war on from 50-75% to 20-35% towards the other side (Philippe).

1942 Axis High Tide & 1942-45 Race to Victory
- Nauru now starts the campaign in Japanese hands (Mithrilotter).
- India now starts with a chit invested in Mobility research (Mithrilotter).

1943 Allies Turn The Tide & 1943-45 Race to Victory
- India now starts level 1 in Mobility research (Mithrilotter).

pjg100 -> RE: Can't continue a PBEM game (12/18/2018 8:38:50 PM)


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