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Jorm -> JS3 Sprite (12/13/2018 7:33:45 AM)

Hi Team
I had a talented nephew create a new JS3 sprite for me and now ive tried to add it using Issue8's really good " new sprite guide' . I seem to have followed every thing hes listed but i cant get the formation of JS3's to appear when i generate a new battle
any thoughts at all ?

- ive added a JS3 UNIT and assigned the su_js3_hs and su_js3_ts sprite names to it.
- ive created a formation 'JS3 tank platoon' an added the unit to it.
- i note when i check the formation 'used by", its says none, do i have to assign it to a faction ? if so i cant see how ?

btw the sprite looks pretty good and hes offered to make a few more so perhaps i'll get him to do some WWII or 1973 arab-israeli.

OK got it , i had to manually edit the factions.xml

now ,how to get the turret in the right place ?


Issue8 -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/13/2018 10:05:36 AM)

for example, these lines in units.xml determine turret and commander positions:
<string name="turretSpriteX" value="0.0" />
<string name="turretSpriteY" value="-9.0" />
<string name="commSpriteX" value="11.0" />
<string name="commSpriteY" value="22.0" />
<string name="commIgnoreTurret" value="FALSE" />

the 0,0 position is the center of the sprite. the turretSprite x and y are where (on the hull) the turret is positioned. the commSprite x and y are where (on the turret) the commander is positioned. if commIgnoreTurret is true, then the unbuttoned commander is on the hull instead of the turret.

you need to figure out where the center of the sprite is in pixels, and all values are in pixels. the database editor can set these values and is easier than using a text editor.

Jorm -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 3:47:06 AM)

sprite attached.
Its probably too big , is it possible to scale it ingame ?
It also seems a little opaque ?

Issue8 -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 4:09:06 AM)

You need to make the turret sprite like this: where the center of the turret is the middle of the sprite. That means empty space on the bottom.

Issue8 -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 4:11:26 AM)

Why can't I add attachments?

Issue8 -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 4:13:20 AM)

Hold on--I will post a dropbox link

Issue8 -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 4:17:37 AM)


Here's the sprite. To get the size correct, the line in the xml is spriteScale=

It is a pixels per meter setting. looking at you JS3 sprite, it is around 30.

All of these setting can be done in the editor.

Hope that helps!

Issue8 -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 4:20:39 AM)


The center of the turret must be the center of the sprite.

Jorm -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 4:21:02 AM)

I *think* i get it
Either way if i get more sprites done they can be fixed like you have done ?


Issue8 -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 4:38:48 AM)

Of course!
By the way, you have a very talented nephew! You could repaint his work also!


Jorm -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/14/2018 4:46:08 AM)

hey thanks,
Hes offered to do some more for me,

What next Arab - Israeli war
Sherman M50 and M51 ?

Tiger I
Pak 75

what ever the russian 76.2mm gun is

I'd actually personally prefer France1940 but i doubt many are interested in that

wodin -> RE: JS3 Sprite (12/17/2018 11:43:34 AM)


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