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IBender -> convoy build points (12/12/2018 6:44:11 PM)

I have asked this before but cannot find the answer. If America wants to send 3 oil to England is it 3 US ships moving those points or 3 English or can it be a combination of both?

Thank you

Majorball68 -> RE: convoy build points (12/12/2018 7:19:52 PM)

Depends if the US is at war with a common enemy. If at war US CP can be used as well as any other Allied CP. If not at war than only CW and CW aligned minor CP's can only be used.

Joseignacio -> RE: convoy build points (12/13/2018 7:33:31 AM)

True. or you can use FFrance's, ..., any who is in the same side. I wonder if it could be possible with USA convoys... Not that the USSR has many spare ones or can dedicate to build them. They are usually used if/when the USA/UK send BPs or resources.

Beware, China's case is different, if US 17 Option selected (If it is in MWIF, I cannot look it up now).

Centuur -> RE: convoy build points (12/13/2018 1:10:50 PM)

There is also a US option which can be chosen which allows the US to transport their own resources to the countries where they are being traded to.

Joseignacio -> RE: convoy build points (12/14/2018 7:46:04 AM)

I thought the same and yesterday searched the options in RAW7 but couldn't find it.

After reading you I made a more detailed read and:


32. US refutes Naval War zones - The USA may use its own convoy points to ship any resources and/or builds points that the USA is lend-leasing to any allied major power. These convoy points may be attacked by Axis units even if they are not at war with the USA.

jboldt007 -> RE: convoy build points (12/15/2018 5:20:50 PM)

Also: I checked RAC and it is clearly stated that any active nation on the same side can share convoys for shipping resources.BPs are the same with a few minor additional restrictions. I donít think it matters if there is a common foe or not. This has been my experience with MWIF. Having said that as noted above Iíve never tried with Soviets- I always keep separate convoy chains into and out of Russia- the path is short (to/ from the arctic) and the Soviets might be neutral for a while. The rules donít make any reference to cooperation- in theory allies who arenít cooperating with CW or US could still share convoys but I donít recall offhand for free France .etc

Centuur -> RE: convoy build points (12/15/2018 7:23:24 PM)

However, US resources can only tranported by US convoys, until the US is active.

So any US resource to be delivered to China or after choosing option 32 has to go through US convoys until it gets delivered...

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