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tommy357 -> PBEM bug in WIR v3.3 in campagin '41 (6/16/2003 1:53:30 AM)

I just played WIR v3.3 and started to try PBEM for campagin '41, the game didn't prompt me to enter any passwords before playing axis or USSR side. I played WIR v3.2 and PBEM feature works fine in campagin '41.

Anyone encountered this problems before?

RickyB -> (6/16/2003 11:51:31 AM)

Yes. Matt or somebody came up with the solution, which is to open the obwir file in editwir.exe (L(oad) - X(Complete) and then OBWIR), then simply save it (S(tore) - X and name it OBWIR.

That should make it work fine.

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