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pjg100 -> ZOCs (12/9/2018 2:47:26 PM)

Have noticed that 6+ strength Polish and Chinese corp have not exerted a ZOC in some cases. I have noticed it when the moving unit is an army, but have not rigorously tried to determine whether this occurs consistently or when the moving unit is a corp or other type. Is this WAD?

BillRunacre -> RE: ZOCs (12/9/2018 3:45:22 PM)


In terms of Zone of Control, a Corps is a Support Unit, which means that there need to be two of them to exert a Zone of Control.

This is different from War in Europe, as in testing this game we found that this helped the mobility of an offensive once enemy Corps had been isolated from each other.


pjg100 -> RE: ZOCs (12/9/2018 6:24:58 PM)

Thanks Bill, thought it might be something like that.

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