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robertkeller -> Moving SU factories (12/9/2018 12:47:12 PM)

I am now in turn 5. I click on city hex, then open city page where the types and number of factories are listed. But nothing is highlighted and nothing happens when I click on a specific factory. What am I missing? How do I actually move factories. I haven't used any railway lack of rail capacity shouldn't be the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Telemecus -> RE: Moving SU factories (12/9/2018 3:09:52 PM)

Have you switched to rail movement mode?

richter53 -> RE: Moving SU factories (12/9/2018 3:13:29 PM)

Don't move factories until they are directly threatened. To move factories. Click on Rail tab. The click on city. Then click on city name in upper right screen. Factory move window should open for you.

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