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dak41 -> Looking for Soviet Player (12/8/2018 9:48:44 PM)

41-45 Bitter End
Server Game
FOG war/movement
Random weather
Reduced Blizzard
No Soviet Combat Bonus
Better CV
Ver 1.11.03

56ajax -> RE: Looking for Soviet Player (12/9/2018 10:49:22 PM)

I assume you are a novice as your settings are very pro Axis

dak41 -> RE: Looking for Soviet Player (12/9/2018 11:31:56 PM)

Possibly, but I feel the game doesn't take in account Soviet weakness at the start:
poor leadership throughout the chain of command (effect of purges), lack of combat experience, effect of strategic
surprise. I think the axis should get a surprise benefit that tapers off after a few turns. Currently
a good Soviet player can move the timeline of events, i.e. 1942 feels like 1943, 1943 feels like 1944.
But just my opinion.

56ajax -> RE: Looking for Soviet Player (12/10/2018 2:22:43 AM)

I assume you mean Soviet historical weakness...

Purges, well none of the executed generals are in the game and most of the others are woeful. Poor leadership is also shown in a lack of movement and the continuous change in Soviet TOEs - trying to find a formation which officers of limited ability could command. Tank corps loose 25% experience on formation and will take 12 turns to get it back.

Strategic surprise is Soviet deployment too far forward, peacetime TOEs, loosing 6k+ airframes, having frozen units pocketed plus the game T1 surprise rules...

German surprise benefits = panzer ball, railway repair chaining, super lvov pocket, strategic bombing, using Odessa as supply...

And as for moving timelines a good german should have leningrad by T6 and Moscow by T12. With your settings the Soviets will face a super german army in 1942 without Guards and will be chased off the right hand side of the map.

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