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seydlitz22513 -> Changing Unit Names In The Editor? (12/8/2018 12:44:24 AM)

Hi, How do you remove the default unit names in the editor, something is different about this new game compared with War In Europe editor wise.

EXAMPLE: List of British battleships.

Queen Elizabeth, Malaya, Warspite, Royal Sovereign etc are listed as Battleship which technically is correct, but using the editor I would like to list them under Dreadnoughts?

Dreadnoughts: Queen Elizabeth, Malaya, Barham, Valiant, Warspite, Royal Sovereign, Ramillies, Revenge, Royal Oak, Resolution

Battleships: Nelson, Rodney, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, King George V, Anson, Howe, Vanguard

Battlecruisers: Hood, Repulse, Renown

Using the editor previously it was very easy to change the unit names list, by simply removing the existing ones, and inputting the new names, but for some reason when I remove the names now and save when I open them again the default names are still there? probably something simple I'm missing but I need help modding unit names.

seydlitz22513 -> RE: Changing Unit Names In The Editor? (12/8/2018 2:41:24 AM)

Ok, a quick update I have managed to get this working after a bit of trial and error, I deleted this text file loaded the scenario I'm modding and changed unit names and then saved it now it appears to be working.


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