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shadowX -> Unable to download game (12/6/2018 7:27:54 PM)

whenever i try to download the game after clicking on link i got in my email i get an error saying file is either incomplete download or corrupted. ive downloaded alot of other games from matrix/slitherine and havent had an issue that i can remember. dont know why i will not download this time. maybe if you guys can send me another download itll work? this is why i always buy box version as well. i dont trust links. thanks.

rjh1971 -> RE: Unable to download game (12/6/2018 7:36:38 PM)

I f you have registered your game, you can access the Member's area, go to SC WW2 World at War and the press on the download column to get the link and try downloading again.
If you haven't registered go to the member's area and register with the serial provided, then download the game as described above.
Hope this helps.

shadowX -> RE: Unable to download game (12/6/2018 9:01:48 PM)

I finally got it to download after jumping through a ton hoops that I normally dont have to do. cant remember them all, but its downloaded. I just came to register it and see that its already registered which is odd, usually i have to log in, click on the game and add it manually so hopefully I wont have anymore issues. On a positive note though i have been waiting for sc wwii to come out with a full global version since i played the original game. i logged into the game long enough to see that it looks like the same version as sc global conflict only with the newer sc wwii graphics which is fine. i wonder though if the game will play out the same as the global conflict did. i look forward to playing it. thanks for the help.

rjh1971 -> RE: Unable to download game (12/6/2018 9:11:24 PM)

Glad you got it running.
As to the registration if you log in when you buy it, it is automatically registered.
There are changes from SC Conflict, you will discover them when you play it.

shadowX -> RE: Unable to download game (12/6/2018 11:02:50 PM)

ok i have another issue or at least it seems like an issue. this one is with the registration. i just installed it on my desktop, had same issue with downloading but not as extreme. i was able to dl through the "find my order" page on the members forum. i located my game under my products to download it from there however when i clicked on the download link i got a message telling me that:

Registered Downloads are only available to Members Club members who have registered their products.
To access Registered Downloads for a particular game, please register your serial number by clicking here.

this tells me that the game is not registered but when i try to register it i get:

Game : (game name here)

You have already registered this game.
Please check your My Games page for a list of your registered games, and links to downloads.

Serial No. :
Mailing List : Tick this box if you wish to join the mailing list for this game.

To register your game, please select a game from the drop-down list.
Then enter the full serial number (eg. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx).

Please note, you can only register Matrix Games titles that came with a serial number.
Older releases that did not come with a serial number can not be registered at this time.

You may still join the mailinglist without entering a serial number by leaving the serial number blank.

so which is it? is the game registered and if so why couldnt i dl it from my products or is the game not registered and if so why does it say its already registered? i asked because there will come i time in the future where i will need to reinstall the game and coming to the website has shown to be easier than trying to install from the disc especially once patches start coming out and pc's coming out without disc support, like my laptop, no dvd/rw disc hardward, very irritating that is.
thanks again for the help and im glad to hear this new version isnt quite like the older one.

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