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reverendCrast -> RE: Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Released (12/8/2018 9:21:19 AM)


ORIGINAL: Grim.Reaper


ORIGINAL: reverendCrast

and there is a tiny hope that if the game sells, the devs will consider some graphics/rendering engine updates

Battlefront has been around for an extremely long time and the "latest" engine since around July of 2007. It certainly is a niche game series and the followers/community isn't likely to expand greatly beyond where it is today. They have released updates to the engine, on version 4.0 right now but they don't seem in a big hurry to move to a next generation platform since they seem satisfied with what they have although it certainly has become dated. Can't imagine they will be able to move to a major new platform based on how long it takes them to even release patches and additional content. CMFS2 was supposed to come out back in May originally as an example and seems like they can only work on one game at a time. Without a serious competitor in tactical warfare (besides maybe Graviteam), they have little incentive to do so.

I still like the series, warts and all, but I have low expectations on their future....basically "it is what it is".

Well, it's functional and something I can't really get in any other games. I can see myself putting 100+ hours into playing this, so it's a super cheap entertainment. There is always a chance someone with slightly different vision (no pun intended ;) ) and more resources will buy them ;)

If this game would have decent graphics (Wargame Red Dragon level) and multiplayer connectivity I'd probably play it 24/7.

I'll check Graviteam games, they seem to have mostly WWII games though, which I am not that interested in.

Red2112 -> RE: Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Released (12/8/2018 11:39:36 AM)

I always say the same, the price of a game depends on how many hours you can get out of it. The big bundle gets you 85 ready made scenarios (thats what I red), plus campaigns I guess too. So there alone your getting alot of gameplay, so as stated above itīs quite cheap if you think about.

A battle generator (or skirmish) is something that I kind of ask mandatory now days, depending on the game. That too builds up to the gameplay value.

A mission editor, same as above. A big plus to the overall value. If you donīt use it, then thats up to you, but itīs there.

Graphics, well yeah I agree, but for me itīs not all about graphics and more about gameplay and realism. I kind of like how CM looks. Another good part is that itīs mod friendly.

Multiplayer, well this community plays PBEM, so we should be used to that. A dedicated multiplayer enviroment cost money to maintain and does not always guarantee support or a life time of play.

The biggest bad to me is the engine lag in bigger count scenarios, and that sometimes the amount of units of the OPFOR dosent seem even on some encounters (or I just plain suck). As I also stated before, wished they would had focused the efforts on something else.

Iam still on the fence with CMSF2, as I also have "H4/High Tide" rules, or "Next War: Poland" on my wishlist this year.


You can have a look at Graviteamīs new DLC "Operation Moduler"...


rocketman71 -> RE: Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Released (12/8/2018 1:37:19 PM)


ORIGINAL: reverendCrast

I bought the game few days ago, all modules. This is my first Combat Mission game, I never knew they existed until now.

- the gameplay is great. Lots of choices of equipment, fire support, UAVs. It gives a sense of realism, the troops behave in believable way.
- UI is simple, yet powerful, it's fun to use.
- mission editor and quick battle are really good, infinite possibilities.
- sound is pretty good, creates nice atmosphere.

- Presentation ranges from ugly to functional, I can get a really good shot sometimes from certain angles, especially when I avoid showing the terrain. While equipment models are good and nicely detailed, the terrain, shading and lighting is something from mid 90's at best. Textures get blurry, shadows flicker, the game feels like very unfinished/outdated piece. I don't expect AAA graphics here though.
- The game uses obsolete graphics rendering technology and performs really badly, even on top end hardware (running 5gz 8700k, 2080ti, 32gb of fast RAM here, everything is on M2 drives). My frame rates vary from 25 fps to 3000 fps (! - and yes, I know I can limit frames etc. but it won't change the fact that rendering "engine" this game uses doesn't perform). The game uses modern hardware poorly.
- Multiplayer is there, but again in mid 90's form. Connection by IP or PBEM (I actually like PBEM). No lobby, no community.

I have no issues with licence system.

Overall, I think it's a very unique game with great, never seen anywhere else gameplay, but it's wider adoption is hindered by obsolete, very low level of presentation and virtually lack of accessible multiplayer which leads to very limited exposure and invisible community. I understand that the game is made by a very small team with limited resources and most of the man power goes to simulation part of the game, which shows - pure gameplay part of the game is very good. Having said that, I believe that bringing the presentation and multiplayer/community part of the game to even low end modern standards would bring more players on board and make the game much more popular.

Was it worth the price? Yes! I am having fun playing it, and there is a tiny hope that if the game sells, the devs will consider some graphics/rendering engine updates

There will be mods to improve looks of terrain, buildings, sound etc, and perhaps some of the already existing mods for SF1 will work. I'm currently looking into that. Check here from now on for mods:

rommel222 -> RE: Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Released (12/8/2018 2:55:59 PM)

Greetings to All,
Just learned of an interesting feature on civilian spies using captured weapons in CM Shock Force 2 from forums: (Nice screen shots of spies using acquired weapons against troops, scroll half way down in forum posts)

Red2112 -> RE: Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Released (12/15/2018 4:43:50 PM)

Ok not CMSF2 but a great price for CMBO at GOG...


Blond_Knight -> RE: Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Released (12/15/2018 9:34:56 PM)



Ok not CMSF2 but a great price for CMBO at GOG...


$1.99! I remember seeing the boxed version in Babbages for $45! I think I finally paid about $35 from the Battlefront store. It came with a nice half inch thick soft bound manual.

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