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peterjohnhartman -> keyboard controls (12/1/2018 5:22:28 PM)

Apologies if this is already answered: how do I find and change the keybindings for Tigers on the Hunt? I'm experiencing the map scrolling problem (wine under Archlinux using fvwm: can't scroll south on map by moving mouse to south part of screen) and I'd like to bind wasd or the arrow keys to scroll the map, but I couldn't figure out how to do this, e.g., in Configuration.ini.

Thanks in advance.

Paullus -> RE: keyboard controls (12/2/2018 4:33:41 PM)

Unfortunately you can't map the keys by yourself, they are fixed. You should be able to use the arrow keys though as they are standard for scrolling the map. Try it it out and get back to us.

peterjohnhartman -> RE: keyboard controls (12/2/2018 4:42:45 PM)

arrow keys do not work. this is a macbook pro keyboard running linux.

Paullus -> RE: keyboard controls (12/4/2018 6:23:38 PM)

I would search for a utility that can remap the keys. If anybody on the forum knows of any please jump in here.

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