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gbem -> RE: height map overlay option (12/2/2018 2:20:36 PM)


Oh excuse me I should have said "similar" instead of clone, which would have received a "similar" reaction from you.

an assumption without basis remains speculation... truth is we will truly never know unless the experiment were to be repeated... but i digress


immature is saying your data/info resource is better then what eSim (and any other) has and of which world armies buy and exchange since eSim sold them there sim platforms.

1. its a game

2. there are limitations to what you can program or model in a game... for example RHAE isnt universal as different projectiles (monoblock vs segmented for example) perform differently against different targets... this isnt modeled well through RHAE
here is a study done by kaufmann

3. experts who have far more experience than you or me agree that soviet penetration data have to be marked up to compare vs NATO data.... Paul Lakowski tankograd

pawl lakowski

4. noting both vasily fofanov`s tankograd`s penetration values contrasted to steel beasts its clear that these numbers werent marked up...

case in point the 3bm42... 520mm at 2km according to tankograd... but only 510mm in steel beasts
or the 3bm22 470mm at 2km but only 420mm according to rastophin but only 440 in steel beasts...
or even the vant 560mm according to zaloga and fofanov... although only 400mm according to mikhail rastophin... but only 540mm in steel beasts...

note that there are high variations in the penetration value of each round even when done by experts... this is due to variations in penetration criterion conditions of the gun/round hardness of the plate etc...
if you are a collage graduate and conducted a research of your own you would know that these extraneous variables are a problem and cannot be solved without a large sample size... like world war 3...

5. this is why the odermatt equation is used for long rods as it allows direct comparison between rounds without the inherent randomness of testing criteria
odermatt equation

6. and thus brings me to the conclusion... the data gathered by such experts were placed in the odermatt equation to yield penetration results... this yields the most accurate numbers with the least amount of extraneous variables... the results of such data is simply what i am stating now...


the same way that I rather have the ability to check my LOS in the ISO view, as well as being able to add a marker in the ISO view because tacticaly I can benefit from a 3D map view better then from a overlay on a exsisting map. But do you see me pushing this and/or making a big deal of a simple statment? NO!

im simply giving my opinions on how to make the game better for everyone... if you dont like constructive criticism then that is your issue not mine


And PLEASE, letīs leave this as it is. If you want to proof yourself right, then keep on posting, I wont!

this has been a long argument all for the simple misuse of the term "clone"... maybe this is a lesson for you to choose your words wisely and a lesson for me not to react so extremely to a statement which may have been a misrepresentation...

Red2112 -> RE: height map overlay option (12/2/2018 5:55:19 PM)

Well, itīs interesting to see how you left out the term "seems" to your benefit, and focused on the term clone!

What you might think is better for everyone dosenīt necessarily mean it is. It has nothing to do with accepting constructive criticism, but with what you think is best and your conclusions.

Nice try though.

JiminyJickers -> RE: height map overlay option (12/2/2018 6:25:23 PM)

I would love the transparent overlay myself. Would be super useful.

Remmes -> RE: height map overlay option (12/2/2018 11:23:26 PM)

Take it easy gents, the discussion is about a game, not life altering events. No need to get toxic; we all want the same thing here.

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