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Marc1314 -> Fulda 55v2 has Soviet B-50's (11/30/2018 8:24:03 PM)

In Fulda 55v2 it's turn one and the Soviets kick off by wiping out my airfield using the B-50 Superfortress, it's the only type of strategic bomber they use.
I was wanting to know if it is up to the scenario designer to fix such an obvious inaccuracy in a scenario or if the devs can try and fix it in an update.

I just thought I would bring this up in case its possible for devs to fix and they don't know or have forgotten about it.
I've read an older post where someone seen this bug and i'll follow the help tips that he received for the editor (I've never used the editor before!)


hingram -> RE: Fulda 55v2 has Soviet B-50's (12/4/2018 12:24:27 PM)

The Soviets copied and deployed the B-29 after the war.

Marc1314 -> RE: Fulda 55v2 has Soviet B-50's (12/5/2018 7:21:14 PM)

Aye you're right, the Soviets did indeed deploy their version of the B-29.
I take it then that it isn't included in TOAW4 and the American B-50 is the closest possible match even though it had been upgraded in pretty much all areas.

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