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Grenadier -> Missing Scenarios??? (6/15/2001 12:44:00 PM)

Hi there. Long time not posting here. You will soon find out why :D :D I need a favor. I have been advised that there are 2 versions of Wittmann's Gamble and 3 of The Maus That Roared in the 5.0 release. I do not have a full copy of 5.1, just what I have picked up during beta testing, so I cannot confirm this myself. I need verification if the following scenarios are included in the dowload with the changes indicated: The MATRIX Moves Out The 1st Kampfgruppe Peiper Ambush-with a moving train Blood & Honor -2 versions-1 large and one small and both with rowhouses The Kustrin Corridor-with rowhouses Luck and the Last Teutonic Knight The Maus that Roared-2 versions 1 for German and one for Russian Not Another Stalingrad-with rowhouses Wittmann's Gamble, Wittmanns Return and Missed Opportunities all using the new rowhouse graphics Last Stand at Seelowe-new Rowhouses Thank you and I hope you are all enjoying the new version as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Don -> (6/15/2001 3:11:00 PM)

Hi Brent, I find all the scenarios you listed except for "Ambush" and "The Kustrin Corridor". There are 2 of "Last Stand at Seelowe" and "Wittman's Gamble". I only find 2 "Maus" scenarios - one from each side. Oh, and I only see the small version of "Blood & Honor". I didn't get into the scenarios to check the maps - I'll have to do that later. "Matrix Moves Out" was a wierd one, as it was in the game but not the scenario folder. It was in with the game files and had to be moved. There are also duplicates of some of Redleg's scenarios.

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