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Daniele -> Strategic Command WWII: World at War - Scenarios (11/26/2018 1:43:52 PM)

Strategic Command WWII: World at War release is approaching (donít worry! We will be revealing the date very soon) and we know that many of you are eager to fight WWII on a higher scale.

Today we want to show you the starting positions of both the Axis and the Allies in three different scenarios, featuring the years 1939, 1942, 1943.

Every block will have its own advantages and disadvantages and it will be up only to you to carve the success even of the most difficult situations!


[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1939/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-30-01 PM-84.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1939/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-30-59 PM-529.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1939/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-37-45 PM-908.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1939/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-38-43 PM-416.png[/image]


[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1942/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-40-44 PM-465.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1942/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-41-05 PM-239.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1942/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-41-49 PM-486.png[/image]


[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1943/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-54-10 PM-280.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1943/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-54-17 PM-597.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1943/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-54-50 PM-129.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1943/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-55-06 PM-494.png[/image]

[image] Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1943/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-55-47 PM-318.png[/image]

Splatsch -> RE: Strategic Command WWII: World at War - Scenarios (11/26/2018 2:31:27 PM)

"release is approaching (donít worry! We will be revealing the date very soon)"
Aaargh, teasing teasing XD
Can't wait to be able to play it ! Hope this will be really soon :)
Again, all of this sounds & looks really awesome [&o]

Edit : first image seems to not work well in the forum post, we can see only this line of text : Command/Scenarios_Screenshots/1939/Desktop 11-26-2018 2-30-01 PM-84.png[image][/image]


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