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noooooo -> Infantry units missing weapons (11/25/2018 12:25:44 AM)

There are many units who are missing weapons. For example, unit 3-7 Infantry squads all have 7 men but only 5 rifles + 1 machine gun, which means one person is missing a gun. Unit 46 has 9 men but only 5 rifles and 1 machine gun.

Is this an oversight? If so we can compile a list of units with missing weapons so they can be bug fixed.

noooooo -> RE: Infantry units missing weapons (11/25/2018 2:50:05 AM)

Hmmm, I just looked through some TOE and realized that some of these might very well be intentional. For example the Soviet grenadier (armed with RPG) are not issued rifles. Vietnam era American grenadiers with M79 are not issued rifles either but sometimes had handguns, but in 1979 when the M203 was introduced grenade launchers are now underbarrel which means all grenadiers have a rifle too!

Interesting detail!

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