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loki100 -> Couple of Italy questions (11/16/2018 9:48:17 AM)

2 questions ... one I suspect I know the answer to.

a) Balkans, can see the gains to somehow (by invasion or alignment) taking over Yugoslavia. The 2 resources are valuable, and I guess the partisan threat can be contained by using axis minor units? If you are not going for a wider med+ strategy is there any gain to Greece? Ok its a resource site but its another drain on units to hold down? My instinct says leave Greece alone unless you are focussed on the Med?

b) keeping the supply lines open to N Africa. I can't manage this, in each test game I can put enough of the RN into the Med (even post-French surrender) to make raids by the RM ineffective - they can take a sea area for an impulse but get badly beaten later on. So I can disrupt CW convoys in the Med but Italian ones either die or end up aborting back to Italy.

Related to this, find it hard to find slots for German naval impulses which might be part of the problem. So even keeping the bulk of the RN back in the UK, there is enough to spare as I am not taking CW naval losses in the North Sea etc.

Any tricks to how to sustain the Italian convoys? Lots of naval air in the Med region so you are not dependent on the RM for their protection?

Joseignacio -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/16/2018 10:57:33 AM)

Leave Greece, in case you can ever take it will use too many units and time to do it. Usually the CW supports Greece and it can be impossible to take.

Yugo I have seen it invaded and left alone, I vote for leaviing it alone, it's only 2 resources for some turns (you'll get more than enough later for your factories), but you need to garrison it and it will take a lot of units and what is worse, it's a huge additional border to protect. I vote for leaving it neutral.

I don't understand very well second one, I am not sure whether you are IT or CW. The CW will kick italian's ass 10 times out of 10 usually unless you use a strategy of long range fighters + navs to prevent it. Then the advantage might even go to Axis if GE collaborates.

Centuur -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/16/2018 12:50:46 PM)

Germany can't affort to leave Yugoslavia neutral in the long run. I've seen the CW and the US invade Greece in force and than align Yugoslavia to the Allied cause in 1943. And suddenly, the Wallies are at your doorstep if they have enough loaded TRS at sea and start putting units on the Yugoslavian coast...

Keeping supply lines open to North Africa is pretty difficult. It depends on the strategy the Axis are choosing. Is it Barbarossa after France or Spain and Gibraltar? If the latter, than Germany is well advised to spend a lot of build points on (Italian) NAV and long range FTR's...

brian brian -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/16/2018 2:25:57 PM)

Leave Greece alone unless going for an alignment of Yugoslavia. If you choose that route, focus on smacking the Greek Convoy Points on the surprise impulse, though a good Allied player will set them up as diffusely as possible. There are 10 of them, and that is the same as giving the Allies 10 Build Points. Thatís a big help to - the Russians, when Barbarossa launches. (Ditto the Dutch CP).

As Centuur notes, leaving Yugoslavia neutral places a dagger aimed right in to the heart of the war aims of - the Russians.

The historical Axis struggled mightily to supply North Africa as well. You are the Commander-in-Chief now, you do the math, unless...

A common Allied mistake is to cower and hide from the Axis NAV early in the game. ďBut I will lose my precious units and that might cut into building more toys and I will need them for my big comeback after I lazily let the Axis run wild in the Med becausre I was scared to lose one of my 20 Battleships.Ē

loki100 -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/16/2018 3:11:57 PM)

thank you, interesting.

its a solitaire game - actually my 3rd run through of the early years, so still being caught out by past ommissions but equally starting to get a feel for patterns.

At this stage, I'm sticking to an unoriginal grand strategy, knock down France, go East, treat the Med as a sideshow. So from counting up BPs and turns, its hard to see the scope to divert much into additional Axis naval air but think I'll try to do more than I have so far.

What I can do with the Italian navy is grab a sea-zone if I have first impulse and choose a naval option, overwhelm any Allied stay over force and impose Italian convoys - and displace the Allied ones. Clearly this can go wrong if the searches fail etc.

But in the first allied impulse can put enough of the RN in place to retake the zone. Sometimes this is from trading BB but my feeling is its not the RN that is going to deal with the IJN but the USN. Can keep enough of the RN back around the UK to cope with U-Boats and dispute a German naval move, so it seems as if cutting off N Africa is a matter of being prepared to run down the 1939 RN?

brian brian -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/16/2018 3:33:19 PM)

Exactly. Fight the Axis, fight them. The Royal Navy rules the seas. Donít let the Bavarian corporal forget that. Napoleon never did.

If you trade Battleships with the Axis, they run out of Battleships first, and then - you win.

Orm -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/16/2018 3:39:30 PM)

I am pretty sure that Napoleon did forget that. However, Nelson reminded him a couple of times. [;)] [:)]

jboldt007 -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/17/2018 1:56:53 AM)

Italian NAV is a big threat early in the game I find. For CW I try to send a beaufighter down or whatever as well as base the CW carriers in Malta. Italian NAVs can make a mess of things. But yeah - the Italian navy is top notch. But it will eventually lose in trading punches with Royal Navy. I tend to pull CW cruisers from the Pacific to the Mediterranean as there isnít much the CW cruisers can do in Pacific other than harass convoys early on. As CW I keep just enough BBs in Scapa Flow and send the rest south as noted. The nature of the seasaw battle to maintain supply in the Mediterranean really makes it important for the Axis to determine if a N Africa campaign is worth it. Germany has to help if itís a go- allot. CW can always maintain supply to Egypt from the Red Sea and likely Malta will be supplied consistently from western Mediterranean as Italy will be reluctant to split fleet all the time.

RFalvo69 -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/17/2018 6:08:54 AM)


ORIGINAL: brian brian

Exactly. Fight the Axis, fight them. The Royal Navy rules the seas. Donít let the Bavarian corporal forget that. Napoleon never did.

If you trade Battleships with the Axis, they run out of Battleships first, and then - you win.

The Axis in the Med is hamstrung by the missing ďFrogmenĒ optional rule. Where are the heroes who pulled off the Alexandria raid?

paulderynck -> RE: Couple of Italy questions (11/17/2018 6:54:08 PM)


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