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AstroBlues -> GD 1938 DRS (11/15/2018 12:09:45 AM)

I am playing a game of GD 1938 and it is on March 1940. Quibbles is the Allies, Dan is Russia, and I am the Axis. I am going to start up an AAR of this conflict this weekend when I start the April turn. Please stay tuned.

cpdeyoung -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (11/15/2018 3:37:41 AM)

Looking forward to the AAR.

Best of luck to all.


ArmouredLion -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (11/16/2018 11:24:59 PM)

Me too... Also, I saw you asking about Fortifications.

Add to everything you were told, but also add, SMGs with infantry guns. Both get substantial bonuses on attacking fortifications.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (11/19/2018 7:23:00 PM)

The time is April 1939. Poland is about crushed and only three of their units left in the swamp. Have to dig them out. All cities in Poland have been taken. Czechoslovakia is still alive. France has built the Maginot line clear up thru Belgium and Holland to the English Channel. Germany has made an alliance with Italy. Italy will be entering the fray.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (11/22/2018 9:10:21 PM)

Italy has made an alliance with Germany. The real drag out fight will be in Libya when the British attack. they have quite a number of troops and tanks in Egypt. My Italian troops are ready. Possibly we will see some Germans in Africa soon.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (11/24/2018 3:17:23 PM)

I messed Japan up. I did not realize at the beginning of the game the amount of resources that would have to be put into China. The China front is now stalemated with the Chinese counterattacking at various places. I cannot get the infantry to the front line because I did not put any trucks or trains into China and cannot reinforce threatened areas. China has had a field day.

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (11/24/2018 4:22:02 PM)

You do know that you can direct production directly to the HQs that need them?

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (11/25/2018 12:24:35 AM)

I only found directing my factory production into HQ at the front recently. I also found out several things about TOE that has changed things.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (12/1/2018 4:48:42 AM)

It is now May 1939. The last of the Polish army has been dealt with. France and Germany have been sparring with artillery near Strasbourg. Britain has sent a recon of subs near Kiel to see what is going on. The Sitzkrieg is going on at the moment. Next up is Italy. Italy should be active within the next month or so because of the 13 months after Germany has been at war.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (12/9/2018 5:54:19 PM)

Germany has launched an offensive into Benelux. I managed to break through a fortification line. Germans have also advanced into Holland. Took some losses into trying to root out some Belgians and finally succeeded after three attacks.

Italy is not doing much this turn. They are getting ready for North Africa. The British have a lot of troops there.

Japan is almost at a stalemate in China. During 38 I did not put much resources into the theater. I am paying for it now. The Chinese are constantly attacking my positions and wearing some infantry units down. This turn I am building more air to put into China. I am trying to build up Japans army for some offensives.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (12/10/2018 11:13:46 PM)

Britain bombed a German industrial complex. The Royal Navy also sank three sub units. The French also counterattacked and took back Luxembourg. The French unit that advanced into Luxembourg was met by a barrage of artillery. Maybe an attack on it the next turn. Next turn the Germans continued to push into Benelux. There is a division of French Char-b's waiting to counterattack my armor. I am one hex away from the Belgium coast. Germany also declared war upon Czechoslovakia. The attack went well with two cities being isolated. A lot of Czechoslovakian units destroyed. Once the minor is overrun then all those troops will move to the Battle for France.

Italy is doing nothing right now except preparing for war. Japan is getting more bombers and making sure production is replacing those losses due to Chinese artillery and attacks. After this year, it is preparing the Navy for war with US and Britain.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (1/13/2019 9:49:43 PM)

I have completed the Axis turn of September 1939. The Germans completed their conquest of Czechoslovakia, took Rotterdam, and took two more hexes in France. Germany is at full production. Italy this turn has declared war on France and Britain. Both Britain and Italy has a sizeable force in Africa, however, I suspect that Britain will make mincemeat of Italy in desert. Japan has sent more air into China and also will start putting armored cars in with their infantry divisions. Next turn will be mud, so nothing much may happen.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (1/20/2019 7:37:21 PM)

The month is October 1939. The weather is clear. Germany tried attacking a coastal hex in France by Calais and was stopped. I lost a lot of armor and the French armor stood. I am afraid France is going to be a stalemate. Italy attacked a couple of French subs in the Med and sunk several. Also, Italy strategically bombed Marseille and also Malta. Italy counterattacked in Libya and drove a British unit back. Next turn will be mud and then winter in Europe. The French situation does not look good. Working on Japan at the moment.

AstroBlues -> RE: GD 1938 DRS (1/21/2019 4:17:21 PM)

Japan has stalled in China. The Chinese load each unit up with about 16 machineguns and they devastate my infantry. I have not made much progress. Reinforcements have been going into China. One thing I notice I am doing is sending everything to China, yet I am not preparing for the lunge across the Pacific. So I am going to start building up my Navy next turn.

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