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Gunner98 -> IRST Pods? (11/8/2018 10:26:25 PM)

I'm not overly familiar with some of the really modern kit so this may be a dumb question:

What is the difference between the Legion IRST pod (DB# 3445) and the Talon HATE pod (DB# 3446) they look pretty much the same to me.



Dragon029 -> RE: IRST Pods? (11/8/2018 10:46:44 PM)

Aside from providing an IRST, the TALON HATE pod / system is designed to give an F-15 additional comms systems, allowing it (in real life) to receive stealthy data link messages from jets like the F-22, and to have satellite communications.

temkc5 -> RE: IRST Pods? (11/9/2018 12:47:54 AM)

For the visual learners amongst us


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