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thirem -> Delivering Build Points (11/4/2018 5:31:28 PM)


WIF is a wonderful game but sometimes tricky to use.
I have setup a Trade Agreement between USA and USSR, providing 5 Build Points per turn to USSR.

However, only 3 BP (out of 5) can get through... and this is not a matter of Convoys as a sufficient number of these is allocated on the delivery path from Washington to Moscow (checked through the "Show Unused Convoys" in the "Resource-Production Summary & Details" interface).

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for any help. Russia is desesparately needing help.


paulderynck -> RE: Delivering Build Points (11/4/2018 9:39:10 PM)

It could be that only a minor port is the receiving point or that's the only place the CP chain goes, perhaps combined with iced-in ports.

A minor port can only receive 5 resources or BPs - in total, not of each. So it could be two resources are going there too, thus leaving room for only 3 BPs.

If that's not it, then please zip and post a game save.

Joseignacio -> RE: Delivering Build Points (11/5/2018 7:34:55 AM)

Could very well be that, seen it many times.

jboldt007 -> RE: Delivering Build Points (11/11/2018 10:47:01 PM)

Archangel gets iced in which could be a factor as noted above.

When it comes to a place like Britain I try and maximize the number of ports which can take supplies by running supply chains balanced through several sea areas. To / from USSR from Britain I try to use North Sea too for this reason but only if the convoys there can be defended.

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