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Ichirou989 -> Scenario Editor (10/31/2018 4:45:10 AM)

I finally picked up this game yesterday on Steam, and I quite enjoy the implementation. I realize the game was based on GMT's War Galley, but to be honest it reminds me more of Avalon Hill/Battleline's Trireme game with the old written orders. In any case it is a nice little game.

However there is one big thing that seems to be missing, and that is a scenario editor. I noticed that almost a year ago the dev mention that such a thing was being planned and so I am wondering if any progress has been made in that direction? I think it would add to the longevity of the game to enable new scenarios to be made by players as either challenging situations or other historical battles. Thanks for any info you can give, and thanks also for this game.

JC_von_Preussen -> RE: Scenario Editor (12/27/2018 2:46:32 AM)

Good question. Thank you.

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