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M60A3TTS -> German opponent wanted - withdrawn (10/30/2018 1:12:10 PM)

server or PBEM game 41-45 scenario Alt VC260
regular blizzard and no Soviet +1
non-random weather
better cv calculation
latest patch
no more than 3 individual Soviet para drops for the entire game and no sea invasion until 1943.

*** On the first week only, any German panzer or motorized division that crosses the border south of the Y71 grid line must end its turn with at least 20MP. This is to reflect the increased difficulty in operating against the substantial Soviet forces in this area.

iwolfhound -> RE: German opponent wanted (11/5/2018 11:16:10 PM)

How about no German units south of Tarnopol on turn one; along with no Russian retreat over the Dnieper for all units south of the Pripet Marshes and West of the Dnieper river line, for 4 turns?

M60A3TTS -> RE: German opponent wanted (11/6/2018 11:50:19 AM)

I would prefer to keep the rule as indicated.

chaos45 -> RE: German opponent wanted (11/6/2018 3:39:27 PM)

surprised better CV...IMO that makes it easier for the Germans.

As they know exactly where and when you put a better general in charge....not to mention they can predict battle outcomes more easily...not that they lose much in 1941 anyway

M60A3TTS -> RE: German opponent wanted (11/9/2018 5:11:47 PM)

No real interest being seen here, so moving onto other things.

Telemecus -> RE: German opponent wanted (11/9/2018 5:26:58 PM)

That is a big loss. I hope at least occasionally this can be bumped for new interests. I do in particular want to see the next instalments on the air war. [:)]

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