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jack54 -> FYI --example of A.I. suicide attack (10/23/2018 10:44:40 PM)

If I remember correctly there was an early tendency for the a.i. to attack with very poor odds. This is a heads up in case you want to take a look and see if there is a possible adjustment.

(version 1.0.2) Axis a.i., Allies human

saves are in zip link bellow (Sollum A beginning of turn) (Sollum B next turn after battle)


Saint Ruth -> RE: FYI --example of A.I. suicide attack (10/25/2018 3:45:22 PM)

Hi, I'll have a look thanks.
but sometimes due to Fog Of War, the AI "thinks" the odds are actually better than they are, but at nearly 1:7 that does seem way off.

jack54 -> RE: FYI --example of A.I. suicide attack (10/26/2018 1:33:41 AM)

[:)] Thanks for looking into it...

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