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AstroBlues -> Offensive weapons (10/22/2018 4:36:30 AM)

What are some good offensive weapons to equip troops with going against a purely defensive army. I realize tanks, air, mortars are all good. Is there any more that can pack a punch especially going through fortifications?

Adam Rinkleff -> RE: Offensive weapons (10/22/2018 4:45:41 AM)

Wow, I've been getting these subscription notices in my email for years, and never bothered to send them to spam or unsubscribe. I guess it was all for you buddy, cuz this question compelled me to answer.

What else could you use? You got tanks, air, mortars... um... how about ARTILLERY? : D

Let me know if you want to play a game sometime, it's been years. It's so hard to arrange a game, and singleplayer just bores me, but I've wanted to do another PBEM. With further regard for your question, Sun Tzu wrote that an army should flow like water, around hard obstacles. The enemy can't be strong everywhere, they will be weak somewhere. Take your mobile troops and flow through the gap, and use your artillery to pound the strongpoint. If they stay there, they die. If they move, you flow in to capture the objective. If they really do control a complete line, then just go full Verdun/Somme and produce lots and lots of artillery. People often say that tanks were developed as a way to 'break through' the trenches, but that is not accurate. Artillery was the key, tanks were designed for the subsequent exploitation of the breach.

ArmouredLion -> RE: Offensive weapons (10/22/2018 4:30:29 PM)

Hey, going to start a Global Domination V3 mod game up in a bit, Adam... interested?

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